This Year's Transformers Line-Up is as Follows...

April 2, 2009


Start making your checklists early: Dreamworks/Paramount has released the official list of robo-characters in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. You'll probably notice that Megatron, who has been rumored to return since the moment after his defeat in the first film, is conspicuously absent from the Decepticon line-up, while on the Autobot side, a pants-pooping-themed pair has been added.

My Transformer memory is really fuzzy from all these years of not playing with Transformers, so you guys will have to tell me, are there any other characters whose inclusion/disclusion is disappointing? Personally, I'd have like to see my childhood favorite Rad make the cut, even though my sole reason for liking him so much was that his name was Rad.

More new official photos on Yahoo and USA Today.

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