'Gamer' Trailer: In This Game, There Are No Little Power-Ups with Red Cross Symbols on Them!

May 21, 2009


Imagine: a future based on someone's dim recollections of The Running Man and Death Race--a future where death row inmates are given a shot at freedom if they agree to compete in a ridiculous form of neo-entertainment. And imagine that the neo-entertainment is much like a first-person shooter video game, but also sort of like virtual reality, wherein outsider "gamers" mind-control the actions of the incarcerated. And pretend that the role of "gamer" would not be limited to the few privileged elite (probably Richard Branson and Moby) able to afford the surely expensive price of getting to control a man's fate; let's just say kids got to make criminals like Gerard Butler, John Leguizamo, and Ludacris jump and shoot their way to freedom.

That future is now!:

I guarantee you any kid given this responsibility would kill their character in a few minutes after seeing how awesome it would be to use a rocket launcher to proper Gerard Butler off the top of a building. I've played Grand Theft Auto. I know how it works.

(Thanks, Brayden.)

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