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May 22, 2009


If you've been curious why updates have been even stupider and more irregular than usual this week, it's because I've been out of town at someone's wedding. Sorry, everyone. Things should be back to normal by Tuesday, but right now I have to catch a plane back. Here's some news in brief:

- Michael Eisner hired recent college graduate Mark Hammer to write a feature-length adaptation of notoriously unfunny Bazooka Joe comics. Has anyone bought the film rights to Cracker Jack prizes yet?

- Michael Moore's newest, a still-untitled look at the greed of the extremely wealthy, will be released domestically on October 2. Here's hoping it will finally give me enough insight to stop glorifying money-grubbing billionaires like I do now.

- Here's an interview with Terminator Salvation director McG in which he basically admits his sequel is largely unnecessary, draws a horrible comparison between Christopher Reeve and a Terminator cyborg, and pans overweight Iowan girls. If you aren't annoyed with him after reading this, then you probably haven't seen Terminator Salvation. (Thanks, Jon Cog.)

- On that subject (Terminators), Terminator Salvation has already made $13.37 million from its Thursday opening, and will likely close the weekend with over $60 million. But will it beat Cameos in Period Costumes? Come back Tuesday for answers!

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