'Sherlock Holmes' Trailer: It's a Fun One

May 19, 2009


I try not to ever say a movie "looks like a fun one." That's how my grandparents used to describe movies, and I hoped to never devolve to such a simplistic level of critique that judges all films as "fun ones," "renters," or head shakes and disgusted sighs. But I see no other way to describe Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. It genuinely looks like a "fun one." And not like a Transformers fun one, where enjoying the scant moments of fun means pushing aside all the aggravating, brain-hurting, often nonsensical events that led you there. A genuine fun one. Non-Crystal Skull Indiana Jones type fun.

The trailer:

Ah, the Guy Ritchie signature: stylized shots of some shirtless guys beating each other up.

Seem alright though, yeah? Fun, even.

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