The Angels' Song Just Got More Falsetto

May 21, 2009


Sad news today as Wayne Allwine, the high-pitched voice of Mickey Mouse for the last 30 years, has reportedly died from diabetes complications. Appropriately, he is survived by Minnie Mouse. Seriously:

Vocal artist Wayne Allwine, 62, passed away of complications from diabetes on Monday, with his wife Russi Taylor - the voice of Minnie Mouse - at his bedside.

Allwine joined Disney in 1966 as a mail room attendant and went on to work in the sound effects department.

In 1977, he became the third man to provide a voice for the company's iconic cartoon character, after Walt Disney and Jimmy MacDonald.

His falsetto will live on at Disney theme parks around the world, as well as in films such as 1983's Mickey's Christmas Carol and 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Roy E. Disney, the director emeritus for The Walt Disney Co., has paid tribute to Allwine, insisting he not only gave Mickey Mouse a voice but "a heart and soul as well."

Now who's going to do the voice in all the modern, nonexistent Mickey Mouse cartoons?

(Thanks, Jen.)

Voice Of Mickey Mouse Dies [WENN]

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