'The Last Airbender' Photos: It's the Kid with the Arrow on his Head

May 22, 2009


USA Today has posted some shots from The Last Airbender, M. Night Shyamalan's adaptation of that Nickelodeon cartoon that looked like a fake anime starring a bald kid. Above is the first look at unknown Noah Ringer as Aang, the aforementioned bald kid.

Now I'm no Avatard (Trishna87, who sent this in, claimed that's a term), but I'd say this kid at least does a pretty good job capturing the look of "bald kid in a fairly expensive, store-bought Avatar: The Last Airbender Halloween costume." In terms of accuracy, that's marginally more successful than Dragonball!

Below the cut, Slumdog Millionaire as Prince Zuko, who is apparently another character in this world.


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