'2012' Trailer: The Day All This Random, Terrible Stuff Happens

June 18, 2009


Roland Emmerich, director of such regular-people-and-a-few-government-people-coping-with-apocalyptic-events films as Independence Day, Godzilla, and The Day after Tomorrow, has a new regular-people-and-a-few-government-people-coping-with-apocalyptic-events film coming out this November, and this time the danger is more real, and more vague than ever. It's not monsters, aliens, nor global warming or cooling--this time it's just crazy shit happening, dudes!:

God, why did Doomsday have to take out the Sistine Chapel?? That's probably one of our best chapels! Do something, President Danny Glover!

I'm not a big Emmerich fan, but I have to admit, this should probably win some awards for Most Awesome & Convincing Flooding, Fiery Crashing, and Everything Generally Going to Shit Effects.

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