'BioShock' Might Not Be a Movie After All

June 3, 2009


Good or bad news, BioShock fans: the LA Times is reporting that the popular first-person shooter might not make it to the big screen, meaning you may never get to see your favorite characters and scenes brought to life on film, or, that you'll be saved from having to see yet another of your most cherished video games dragged through the muck of Hollywood.

As usual, the problem comes down to money. And the issue of moving to a foreign country for a year or two:

Verbinski, who is currently working on the animated film "Rango," isn't confident about "Bioshock's" making it to the big screen. It's been previously reported that the film is on hold due to concerns about its escalating budget. Verbinski tells the Times that it could probably get made, if it is shot in one of those foreign countries that offer a generous tax credit. And he's not sure whether he wants to go overseas for the year-plus it would require to make it.

Don't cry, little ones. With plans for Duke Nukem and Rock Band movies still on the horizon, I doubt there will be a lack of beloved video game adaptations to bemoan. And once someone shows a studio executive the back of a Sega Genesis box, I'm sure we'll hear plans for movie versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, Toejam and Earl, Altered Beast, and Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing soon enough.

(Thanks, Joshua.)

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