Coming Soon: 'Why Did I Get Married... ALSO!'

June 26, 2009


Did Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? leave you still questioning why someone got married? Disappointed by the film's lack of a character portrayed by Tyler Perry in overweight drag? Don't worry--T.P. will definitely take care of all that in the upcoming sequel, Why Did I Get Married Too:

Janet Jackson will reprise her role in Tyler Perry's comedy sequel "Why Did I Get Married Too."

The thesp will again portray a successful author and psychologist who prefers to analyze other's relationship problems rather than deal with her own marriage.

Jackson's the first announced casting for the project other than Perry. Lionsgate announced in March that it had acquired rights to "Why Did I Get Married Too" and "I Can Do Bad All by Myself" with Perry writing, directing and starring in both projects.

Tyler Perry at the helm and the brilliant sequel-naming scheme of the Teen Wolf series? Utter perfection. I feel like I'm watching Tyler Perry draw the first freehand perfect circle, and he's drawing it as the second "o" in "too." This is really something to behold.

Janet Jackson gets 'Married' again [Variety]

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