Facebook Movie Has Popular Director and Generic Title

June 24, 2009


As if news of Aaron Sorkin writing Facebook: The Movie wasn't perplexing enough, Variety has put up a story that adds two more peculiarities to the mix.

The entertainment magazine is reporting David Fincher, the man responsible for Se7en, Fight Club, and the recently-acclaimed-but-also-kind-of-boring The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is in early talks to direct the film. And, in an even more baffling move, Columbia is apparently not putting "Facebook," a word that registers in obnoxious buzz-worthiness just under "Twitter," in the title. Rather, the studio is going with the intensely-generic The Social Network.

What? Why even pay for the rights to Facebook if you're not even going to use the word? Might as well buy the Twitter story and call the film "Service Your Friends Use to Tell You How 'Yummy' Their Stupid Vegan Sandwich Was."

And, more importantly, with The Social Network taken, what kind of equally-nondescript title is the straight-to-video knock-off going to use now? The Community Nexus? The Acquaintance Lattice? Friendship Dot Com? Someone really screwed the pooch on this one.

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