Michael Jackson Dies at 50

June 25, 2009


As I'm sure you've seen all over your websites and your Facebooks and your Twitters already, Michael Jackson, America's strange Princess Di, has died of cardiac arrest at age 50. I'll assume you know who Michael Jackson is and why this is really crazy to hear, so let's get on with celebrating his scarce film and television appearances with some clips:

Captain Eo: Remember how scary it was how that lady had those long nails coming at you in 3D? Thank god M.J. was there to save us.

Ghosts: Jackson's Eddie Murphy-like turn at playing multiple roles thanks to makeup effects. Perhaps his playing several ghouls is too relevant for right now.

Men in Black II: Remember?

Moonwalker: The first film to connect mob life and sliding your feet backwards as a dance.

The Simpsons: If only everyone were named Lisa, this song would be he new "Happy Birthday to You."

Ben: Michael Jackson as singing voice of boy with a rat best friend:

The Wiz: Michael Jackson as scarecrow.

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