More Fake, Idiotic Movies from 'Funny People'

June 18, 2009


In case you missed the previous clips, the idea is: in Funny People, Adam Sandler plays the Adam Sandler-like George Simmons who, like Adam Sandler, has starred in a variety of horribly broad yet successful comedies. So, to promote the film, they've put up a George Simmons site with hilariously on-the-nose clips and posters from the faux films. Get it? Like how Tropic Thunder had fake sites for those fake actors and their fake movies. Get it now? Well, just forget it, then, Mom. You don't want to see this movie anyway. It will have "people talking mean to each other." I know how you hate that.

Clips from Sayonara Davey! and Dog's Best Friend:

Full site with more ridiculous but entirely plausible films, here.

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