Posters for 'Scott Pilgrim', 'Shrek Forever After', 'The Number 4 on a Bed of Webbing'

June 3, 2009


Be the first kid on your block to know that Spider-Man 4 will be using the same font to write the number 4 that they used to write 2 and 3. From the Licensing Show in Las Vegas, where 7-11 and Hardee's wage war over who gets to brand their extra-large soft drink cups with Thor logos, here and here are some posters for upcoming movies that will be made into toys and school binders.

Pay particularly attention to haunting eyes and sinister grins on the poster for Shrek 4, which is now apparently being called Shrek Forever After. What happened to Shrek Goes Fourth? Pick an enraging pun and stick with it, guys.

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