Swift to Fight Cyborg Kickboxer on Film

June 1, 2009


Amidst the scramble to pick up absolutely any franchise that might have any hint of name recognition for anyone, Columbia has purchased Swift, a pitch from Barry Sonnenfeld and Ben David Grabinski that reinvents the largely bygone character Tom Swift.

Swift, first introduced 1910, is a boy adventurer, and his series have focused largely on such fantastical inventions as a cyborg kickboxer, a blatant C-3PO rip-off, a rifle powered by the mystical force of electricity, and something called a "motor cycle." The updated version, Variety says, "would feature Swift as one-half of a father-son team who are among the greatest inventors of all time." Meaning, in the film, Tom will inevitably have to rescue his father from the clutches of an evil rival scientist trying to steal the Swifts' plans to use on a powerful new weapon.

Personally, I'm hoping the film have a basis in the novel Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel. With today's computer rendering power, we could finally get a true vision of just how big this big tunnel is.

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