'The Box' Trailer: Deal... or MURDER?

June 25, 2009


Exploiting America's eternal love for the simplistic mechanics of Howie Mandel's Pick-a-Box, Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly has made a new film involving idiots pressing a plunger for a million dollars. Similar to the game show in more than just its button pushing, The Box asks its players to answer a tough yes-or-no question: if Frank Langella-with-a-bite-out-of-his-face told you that a single button push would kill someone far away that you don't know, and that pushing it would make you a millionaire, and also you're Cameron Diaz, what would you do?

Personally, my policy has always been to immediately push any button put within reach before anyone can explain its function, thus exonerating me from any possible moral dilemmas, but maybe you'll come up with another plan after seeing this trailer:

Or maybe rest the box precariously on the end of a table and have a party, so hopefully one of your guests will accidentally take care of it for you.

(Sorry to anyone who got their hopes up thinking the screengrab implied this would be a Skeletor origin story.)

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