There's a New 'Adjective Animals' Movie About Old Guys!

June 11, 2009


Ready for exaggerated physical comedy that screams at you like an infomercial host, some timely references to Gilmore Girls, and probably a full serving of spoon-fed life lessons? From the director of Wild Hogs, it's Old Dogs, starring Robin Williams and John Travolta, and featuring John Travolta's family as Robin Williams's family.

Here's the trailer for the comedy that will have you saying, "There will definitely be outtakes playing under the credits." Watch for the completely batshit insane zookeeper:

Life is not childproof!

You see, they used to be business partners, but now they have to be gay dads and play tackle frisbee with escaped convicts and take insanity pills, like dads do. Why is the zoo employee so crazy though?

"My kids are in the zoo, sir."

"Well, I'm sorry, the zoo closes at 3. The rules state that any children in the zoo after 3 are locked in overnight. The only way you're getting in here is through the gorilla tube," the madman says with this fucking grin:


So pleased that he's essentially a passive kidnapper. What a sociopath.

(Thanks for the tip, Andrew.)

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