'Watchmen' Back in Theaters--and Now Incredibly Long!

June 29, 2009


If your primarily complaint about Watchmen was that it wasn't excruciatingly long enough, I've got some happy news, you: to promote Zack Snyder's director's cut on DVD, out July 21, the 25-minute longer edit will also be showing July 17 in venues in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis! According to Box Office Mojo, just twenty-five thousand dollars in ticket sales should push the film's all-time domestic gross just above the Tom Hanks/Madonna/Rosie O'Donnell baseball comedy A League of their Own! Let's get Fandangoing!

For those on the fence about whether or not they want to sit all the way through the new, 186-minute Watchmen, understand that there will be a brief intermission when Alan Moore rushes the stage and disavows himself from both the film and society as a whole before finally being pulled off stage by security guards who assume the insane, caveman-haired man is a street vagrant.

'Watchmen' director's cut to bigscreen [Variety]

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