Who Needs 'Up' When We've Got This Similarly-Themed, Like-Titled Movie?

June 4, 2009


If you and your family loved seeing Pixar's Up in theaters, then you'll be positively delighted in a couple months when dad accidentally rents What's Up balloon to the rescue on DVD! It's the slightly less whimsical tale of an elderly man who uses a single hot air balloon--rather than the silly, less practical notion of many helium balloons--to lift his house and go on an adventure with a child who wears glasses--not a scout uniform!--maybe a mom, and some other people! Looking for a movie with a talking dog? You've found it!* And this dog sure doesn't need a special collar! It speaks of its own accord!

Yes, this is the one DVD that will have your kids asking "What's Up?" Because they'll have abandoned their knowledge of the Pixar film in favor of charming memories of What's Up Balloon to the Rescue!

Good jobs to Chris for discovering this.

*Movie may not actually contain a talking dog.

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