Will Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Girl-Go-Wild for 'Runaways'?

June 16, 2009


Girl-on-girl kissing. Aside from drinking, it's the most heavily encouraged activity in your dorm. Everyone wants to see it, but what if you can't find two drunk, attention-starved coeds to deliver it? Where do you go then?

Answer: to The Runaways, the upcoming biopic on Joan Jett and her early days with the all-girl band, which apparently involves girl-on-girl kissin'. Oh, but did I mention the kiss would involve 15-year-old Dakota Fanning? Yikes. Your woooooo!-or-not-to-woooooo! judgment call:

Life & Style reports that there's a makeout scene between Kristen's Joan and Dakota's Cherie Currie in the film, which is currently in rehearsals in Hollywood.

(Thanks for the link, Alena.)

Well, now we know what scene will get so blown out of proportion that it will incite controversy that completely overshadows every other aspect of the film.

Not here, though. At I Watch Stuff, I say we are done discussing a filmed kiss between consenting teenagers. Let's be mature. In Europe, it wouldn't even be a big deal. No one would be spit-taking the wine they're allowed to drink at an early age. Grow up, girl-on-girl kiss controversy-makers. End of discussion. Instead, let's blow out of proportion the even-less-actually-controversial subject of how Fanning's character, Cherie Currie, apparently went from being a Runaway to being a master chainsaw artist on the local news:

"Even the guys from Rush, they gave us a really hard time." I love that. "Even the guys from Rush! The Toronto Power Trio! They're supposed to be a thinker's band!"

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