'Youth in Revolt' Poster: Michael Cera Still Perpetually a Teenager

June 23, 2009


I'm back, everyone. Sorry for the absence yesterday. The day was spent at an airport doing an extended impression of Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg's The Terminal, but things eventually worked out, so let's look at movie things. OK?

Anyway: Youth in Revolt poster. The film, based on the C.D. Payne book, stars Michael Cera, still pretending he's an awkward teenager, as 14-year-old Nick Twisp, a pubescent child committing a variety of wacky plots to win the heart of a gal. Classic high school scheming fare.

I'm particularly excited by poster's the inclusion of the striped shirt with "Be Bad" pin. My "Vote for Pedro" shirt is getting a tad threadbare, and this looks like a excellent alternative, available mass-produced in Hot Topic stores everywhere.

'Youth in Revolt' Poster Premiere! [Cinematical]

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