'Baywatch' Movie Idea Even Worse Than It Sounds

July 7, 2009


Baywatch, the ridiculous lifeguard series Guinness named "the most watched show in the world," even though, as far as I could tell, it was watched only as pseudo-pornography by adolescent boys of the early '90s not yet able to access the internet, has, strangely, not yet been arbitrarily adapted into a broad comedy feature film. Paramount is correcting the situation:

Paramount Pictures has set Jeremy Garelick to rewrite and direct "Baywatch," a bigscreen comedy based on the syndicated series about buff lifeguards who patrol a beach in California.

DreamWorks paid seven figures for remake rights in 2005 and got a script by Jay Scherick and David Ronn that was heavy on action. Garelick was sent the script do a punch-up. Though he never saw the original TV show and its well-rounded cast, he saw an opportunity to turn it into broad comedy.

The script now focuses on two unlikely lifeguard candidates trying to catch on alongside the buff bodies that will be as abundant in the film as they were in the TV series.

Thank God we have a hero like Jeremy Garelick looking for any and all opportunities to transform films into broad comedies--a champion with that slapstick Midas touch to make sure that, in between saving drowning babes, someone is getting hit in the balls with one of those orange things. He doesn't need to have seen the original series to understand that a couple fat guys running in slow-motion down a beach would be hilarious. When someone later informs him that such a scene would count as a reference to the show, all the better!

Garelick adding laughs to 'Baywatch' [Variety]

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