Beloved Burger Chef/Production Manager/Executioner Dies at 84

July 24, 2009


It's a sad day for anyone aware of the slimy, green consequences of uttering the phrase "I don't know." Les Lye, the actor and broadcaster best known for playing virtually all of the buffoonish, seemingly-drunk adult characters on the Canada-based Nickelodeon classic You Can't Do That on Television, died Tuesday at 84. From CTV:

Born in Toronto, Lye came to Ottawa after graduating from Lorne Greene's Academy of Radio Arts in 1948.

He joined CFRA Radio, where he served listeners for more than a decade. It was at CFRA, that he worked with Rich Little and they collaborated on a comedy album, 'My Fellow Canadians' - a spoof of the Diefenbaker years.

In 1961, he joined CJOH-TV as a freelance writer and performer. It was here, that he forged a long-lasting partnership with Bill Luxton. Together, they created the popular 'Willy & Floyd,' which ran for more than 20 years. Such personalities as Alanis Morissette, Klea Scott, Bruno Gerussi and Margaret Trudeau would drop by for surprise guest appearances.

Opportunity knocked when producers of 'You Can't Do That on Television' were looking for a versatile actor to play the many adult "foils" for the kids. Lye answered the call and instantly became a household name around the world.

I'll never again be able to make a smart alecky comment about the poor quality of a hamburger without wondering if, somehow, somewhere, he heard that.

Clips from his YCDTOT tenure under the cut.

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