'Brothers' Trailer: No, Not the Movie About the Reunited Tiger Cubs

July 6, 2009


When news comes back that Tobey Maguire has died in the line of duty, brother Jake Gyllenhaal makes sure he really "takes care" of the widowed Natalie Portman. Yeah, that's right, "takes care" with quotes. (Sex.) Which wouldn't be such a big deal, except it turns out Maguire has survived! He's home! He's making intense, award-baiting faces! And he's understandably displeased with the whole wife-sleeping-with-his-brother thing.

I can't believe the trailer gives away the shot where he turns into Vader:

God, who is that girl to talk? As if she's having sex with anyone at all. They really need to stop giving her wine and balloons at dinner.

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