Christian Bale Gains and Loses Weight Like Oprah! Remember When That Would Have Been a Joke?

July 15, 2009


Why does Christian Bale look like a crack addict? Oh, because he's playing crack addict former boxer Dickie Eklund, "The Pride of Lowell," in The Fighter. And as we learned from his 60-pound weight loss for The Machinist, when Christian Bale is asked to get himself gaunt and sickly, Christian Bale gets himself gaunt and sickly.

Making the transformation even more impressive, apparently his jeans in the above shot are the same jeans he wore in The Dark Knight, which the actor hand-stonewashed and will soon have to re-dye dark in just three months for another role that requires dark jeans again. The guy is tireless in his commitment to weight and pant accuracy.

More crack-head photos at Just Jared. Check out the close-ups to see how Bale somehow made himself go bald for the part also.

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