'Green Hornet' Getting More Questionable, Cagier

July 21, 2009


As if the idea of a Michel Gondry-directed action film starring Seth Rogen as a famous masked hero wasn't dubious (though admittedly intriguing) enough already, Variety is reporting some Green Hornet casting updates that should make the image of a question mark pop into existence above your head. Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz, both of whom seem nearly incapable of making a decent film without the involvement of Spike Jonze, are in talks to join:

Columbia Pictures is in early talks with Nicolas Cage to play the gangster villain in "The Green Hornet."

Cameron Diaz is negotiating to play a reporter and love interest in the Michel Gondry-directed pic that stars Seth Rogen as the masked crime fighter.

The picture is moving full steam ahead for a fall start date, even as the studio looks to replace Stephen Chow, who was going to play sidekick Kato.

Well, I hope they're able to get Eddie Murphy's voice for Kato the Talking Cat. If they're set on making this the most improbable-to-succeed movie ever, that's going to be key.

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