Hey, It's Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

July 16, 2009


Clad in leather and Amy Adams wig and standing on a crate, Scarlett Johansson appears alongside RDJ and Mickey Rourke on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly, and the magazine has posted this low-res first look at Johansson in costume as the impractically conspicuous Russian spy, Black Widow.

Inside the issue, Rourke explains how he made sure his character wouldn't be a flat, boring villain. By requesting he have a bird, obviously:

I told Favreau, 'I don't want to just play him as a one-dimensional p----,'" he says. "He let me have a cockatoo, who I talk to and get drunk with while I’m making my suit."

Nothing adds depth to an antagonist like an avian sidekick. There's a reason Jafar from Aladdin is probably our most complex and nuanced villain.

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