'Jennifer's Body' Trailer Highlights Megan Fox's Body

July 6, 2009


Have you seen the new trailer that has everyone saying, "Shit, dude, did you see that trailer where Megan Fox is naked (inasmuch as Alanis Morisette was naked in that music video where she was sort of naked)?" I don't actually know if anyone is saying that, but I assume they will after they see this trailer for Diablo Cody's Mean Girls-with-demon-possession horror-comedy, Jennifer's Body. You know how people talk, with their vocal excitement about seeing Megan Fox nearly naked, and their references to Alanis Morisette any time a woman's hair is the only thing covering her breasts.

Anyway, trailer:

(If the embedded video still doesn't work, try here.)

Megan Fox and a Bowflex reference? It's like this movie knows everything dudes love! Or at least everything dudes contemplate possessing when they're drunk and watching TV at 2 in the morning.

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