Lorax to Speak for the Trees in 3D

July 29, 2009


With the "green" campaign going so strong that it's nearly convinced me to stop arbitrarily burning piles of rubber and coal, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have decided to cash in on the renewed interest in not completely destroying Earth. The studios have signed Chris Renaud, Cinco Paul, and Ken Daurio to write and direct a computer-animated film based on Dr. Seuss's ecologically-minded story, The Lorax. From Variety:

“Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” will be co-directed by Chris Renaud and Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio, with Paul & Daurio writing the script.

Though published in 1971, “The Lorax” has a timely “green” theme. It is narrated by a greedy entrepreneur who, despite warnings from the tree-loving Lorax, strips a forest of its stock of Truffula trees to manufacture clothing. The results are catastrophic as all the animals leave and nothing’s left.

I'm actually pretty glad The Lorax is being adapted. It has a really strong message that I think kids should be learning early: that we still have the same problems now that we did in 1971, you can't do anything about it, and everything is futile. Why didn't someone tell me earlier?

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