'MacGruber' Movie is Happening

July 8, 2009


Looks like Lorne Michaels still has his summer job stretching mediocre three-minute sketches into full-length films of dubious quality. Variety is reporting MacGruber, the one-note MacGyver parody and recent Pepsi shill played by Will Forte, will be the next SNL character to find its way to the big screen.

Joining Forte on the quest to write something more akin to Wayne's World than The Ladies Man/Superstar/Night at the Roxbury/Coneheads/etc. will be SNL writer John Solomon and Jorma Taccone, of Lonely Island and Land of the Lost monkey-boy fame, who will also direct.

With an actual MacGyver film also in the works, it looks like studios are feeling the recession and turning to an obvious, foolproof moneymaker: imitations of Richard Dean Anderson. Stargate: The TV Show: The Movie Again can't be far behind.

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