'Motherhood' Poster: Down the Diane Keaton Hole We Go, Uma

July 31, 2009


I refuse to believe this is a real movie. This must be another fake-movie-within-the-movie promotion for Funny People, or part of a self-referential 30 Rock episode where Liz encounters Tina Fey, played by Uma Thurman, who is currently shooting this more ridiculous equivalent of Baby Mama.

"There are no time-outs in motherhood"? Of course there aren't. Children have time-outs, not mothers. Why is it saying that? And why is there a pacifier in her mouth? Is this a Freaky Friday scenario, where the mother and baby have switched bodies, and now the baby-brain has to try to figure out how to give that big presentation to the clients, while the mom-brain has to keep pooping her pants so her daycare peers don't get suspicious? If so, forget everything negative I said. This sounds like a great film.

'Motherhood' Poster [IMPA]

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