Motion Poster for Saw... What Is It, 6 Now?

July 20, 2009


Seeing that no one has caught on that "online motion posters" are nothing but glorified obnoxious banner ads that you intentionally look at, Lionsgate has put out a new one for Saw VI.

Here I was thinking the torture-porn series was tired, pointless, and generally bad, and then this animation of a group of black-clad people joining together on an empty stretch of pavement to form what appears to be a portrait of Chairman Mao shows up to prove me wrong somehow:

[Motion poster now removed because it was playing through RSS feeds and was annoying. You can still see it, and hear its thrilling music, here.]

Can't we just get back to basics with Saw advertising? Put a guy in a dingy, poorly-lit restroom, take a photo with his head in a bear trap, and call it a day.

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