Ryan Reynolds is Your Green Lantern

July 13, 2009


Ryan Reynolds, the man currently set to star in Deadpool and who was last seen pretending he was engaged to Sandra Bullock, has reportedly been cast as Green Lantern in Martin Campbell's adaptation of the superhero property. Early Friday reports claimed the casting race was down to three--Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, and Justin Timberlake--but by the end of the day the studio realized that every time they brought up Timberlake someone would shout, "Are you fucking serious? Justin Timberlake?", and Reynolds ended up winning the part.

How will this affect the longtime, fan-approved rumor that the actor would be playing The Flash? I still wouldn't completely discount the idea. DC's silver age heroes are all the same strong-jawed face with different haircuts anyway; wouldn't casting Reynolds as every one of them actually be the most authentic casting possible? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to make an all-Reynolds Justice League movie--Eddie Murphy style!

(Thanks, various people who sent this in.)

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