The Only Movie Guide You'll Ever Need...

July 17, 2009


...assuming your only concern is whether or not a film contains a scene involving loss of a female character's footwear.

Another entry in the ever-growing list of internet people interested in insanely-specific movie scenes: someone calling themselves DroppetIt (you'll soon understand the name choice) has come up with an expansive guide providing an extremely detailed listing of every movie, television, and commercial scenes he could find in which a lady loses a shoe.

Broken into a prime list ("this case implies an inadvertent and uncontrolled loss of footwear by female character, in the aftermath of which she cannot retrieve her errant shoe and has to go on one shoe on, one shoe off") and secondary list ("the female character slipped her shoe off on purpose; or the errant shoe is readily recoverable or carried in hand; or she removes the remaining shoe and continues barefoot; or the loss is a result of or accompanied by editing flops and inconsistencies in the movie; or the female character is already dead; or the dose of realism is low [such as twisted Cinderella theme, fairy tales], and so on"--obviously less desirable characteristics in a scene), the site contains over 500 instances of exposed feet. There's really no reason to go anywhere else to find out if a lady loses a shoe in a movie.

Honestly, I don't really want to attack this guy for his shoe-falling-off interest--everyone has their thing, and compared to a lot of things, a foot thing isn't really that bizarre, so go for it--but, man, what a list. So insanely thorough. Highlights on List Two include entries for DJ verbally mentioning her shoe falling off in an episode of Full House, a foot in a March of a Dimes commercial, and a listing that hints at a conspiracy due to the lack of shoe-loss scenes in Spider-Man ("I remember thinking at one point that she woud have surely lost a shoe had she not been wearing strappy pumps")! It's astounding.

I wish I cared this much about anything. As long as that thing wasn't shoes falling off.

(Via this guy.)

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