'Transmorphers: Fall of Man' Trailer: The Machines are Coming!

July 2, 2009


At long last, the talent that brought us The Terminators (plural) has unveiled the follow-up to one of the most accidentally-rented-by-confused-parents movies of all time: trailer for Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man!

As a warning, those already planning to purchase Transmorphers: Fall of Man may wish to avoid the trailer, as I think it kind of spoils what are probably the best scenes and lines. Going into the film already knowing that a satellite dish transmorphs into a narrow Terminator, and that something in the air gives a guy a suspicion that "the machines are coming," can only negatively affect my experience. Not to mention that the title already gives me a strong hunch that man may fall.

But if you decide to watch, note this innovation: this may be the first trailer with an arbitrary modem intermission.

"Run as fast as you can"/"No" is just the kind of indisputably powerful exchange that more trailers need. That's raw trailer meat, and Asylum Entertainment knows just how to cook it.

(Thanks, Brad.)

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