Where is My Ant-Man, Wright?

July 10, 2009


Bad news for those of us anxiously awaiting the size-altering, insect-communicating portion of Marvel's never-ending superhero movie line-up. Speaking to Empire, writer/director Edgar Wright revealed he hopes to move from his in-production film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, to a film called Baby Driver, thus putting off his adaptation of Ant-Man and the finale to the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy:

"I’d like to make Baby Driver next if possible," he told us. "On this film and other things I’ve been blogging furiously and putting up a photo every day, but I think when I do that one I’d like to go completely silent for once. Probably because it’s not an adaptation or anything, or a sequel to anything else. I’d like to just make it in private, basically."

We hoped that this might be a tale about a baby driving stuff around, but Wright set us straight: "No, you’re thinking of Baby Transporter, which is the Muppet Babies of the Transporter series." Instead, a quick online search showed that this is in fact a "a wild spin on the action and crime genre which will be set in the US.”

So is this going to be next on Wright's To Do list? Well, looks like. "Simon’s [Pegg] not involved in Pilgrim. And I was kind of involved with Paul as a producer at the start, but basically I can’t be in two places at once. I’m not one of those people who can do three things at the same time, even though I try to be. So once I’m doing one thing, like this, I’m only doing this. Other things – like Ant-Man and me and Simon’s next film – have all gone away until I’m done with this."

God, what do I have to do to see a movie about a crime-fighting scientist who use his skills to invent technologies that enable him to shrink and a helmet that allows him to control ants? I've waited long enough, world.

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