A Kids in the Hall Comedy Murder Mystery: Put It in My Hand

August 21, 2009


This sounds like something I want to feed my brain-mouth! The original Kids in the Hall are reuniting to an eight-part murder mystery mini-series, full of all the cross-dressing and comedy we've come to expect from the KitH brand! From Twitch:

A departure from sketch comedy, "Death Comes to Town" is an eight-part comic murder mystery. When Death gets off the Greyhound bus in small town Shuckton, Ontario, the entire town is drawn in when one of its most distinguished citizens is found murdered. As a suspect is arrested and the trial plays out, the entire town is affected and its dark secrets are unraveled and exposed.

Though not the sketch comedy that made the Kids famous around the world, Death Comes to Town will feature the original five Kids in the Hall, Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thomson, all playing multiple characters, men and woman, all distinctively quirky, gender-bending, boundary pushing and definitively Kids in the Hall.

Principal photography will continue in North Bay until early October with broadcast scheduled on the CBC for January 2010.

GOD, why does the CBC get everything good? They've got this... some extra hockey game broadcasts... probably some other things.

Welp, you boys down at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation better start watching my modem traffic bytes real well come January, because I'm telling you right now I'll be illegally downloading every episode I can. Try and catch me; I've got fireshields. Or, if someone in Canada wants to mail me Tivos, that would work too.

In the meantime, I'll be amusing myself with these classic Kids in the Hall sketches...

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