'Avatar' Trailer: It Will Destroy Everything You Hold Dear! I Guess.

August 20, 2009


James Cameron's Avatar is being called everything from "a gamechanger" to "a life destroyer" to "something that will forcefully fill every one of your orifices with three-dimensionalness." The film's first trailer has finally been released, so now you can see what all the fanboy catcalls were all about. I guess the game changing part is that this is the first forest species to look slightly more convincing than Ewoks?

I mean, that definitely looks like some large-scale, intense action, and I'd love to watch the full film, but I'm still not seeing what game it's changing. It's only revolutionary if you were in the bathroom during all the over-sized, not-quite-real-looking battles from Star Wars I-III.

(Hypothetically also in HD on Apple, if they ever get it sorted out.)

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