'Dirty Dancing' Remake Time

August 19, 2009


In these modern times, is Baby still safeguarded from corner placement? Time to find out! Production Weekly has revealed that Lionsgate is developing a remake of the 1987 Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey/Laws & Order's Jerry Orbach film about dirty dancing, Dirty Dancing. Meaning all those other movies where a guy and girl fall in love while scandalously dancing haven't been remakes of Dirty Dancing? I just assumed at least a few were.

With a remake of Footloose also in development, people who like to for some reason pretend that dancing is still considered lewd or taboo in any way have a lot to look forward to! Let's hurry up and get this in theaters so that Conan O'Brien can ironically demand its re-release in ten years.

(via Coming Soon)

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