'Grace' Trailer: Finally, A Cautionary Tale About Birthing Dead Babies

August 3, 2009


If Orphan's tale of adoption gone horrifically wrong got adoption groups up in arms, wait until bringing dead fetuses to term groups hear about this one. In Grace, a car accident tragically kills a mother's unborn child; rather than remove the corpse within her, the determined, traumatized mother vows to bring the baby to term, and upon doing so, miraculously finds that it has somehow been willed to life. But there's something strange about this newborn: its hair is coming out in clumps, flies surround its crib, and it spontaneously develops filthy patches of skin on itself and its mother's teat. Is it evil? Is it the second coming of Pig-Pen? You decide:

And that's why you never carry a corpse in your womb for a month.

(Thanks, Brayden Jamez.)

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