'Gunsmoke' Movie Coming: Did the Folly of 'Wild Wild West' Teach Us Nothing?

August 5, 2009


In news that grandpa would really enjoy were his brain not so muddled by dementia, CBS Films is developing a feature length adaptation of the long-running television series Gunsmoke:

The action-adventure will re-imagine Marshal Matt Dillon, the hero of the classic Western, for modern audiences. The story will be set in the same American West as the original but will feature a contemporary look and modern action twists.

I don't know exactly what they mean by all that, but seeing that the film is being written by Gregory Poirier, one of the writers of National Treasure: Book of Secrets, I'll just assume that "contemporary look" refers to the intense look that will be on Nicolas Cage's face as he performs "modern action twists," which probably means shooting dudes in slow motion while giving intense looks.

CBS Films will light up 'Gunsmoke' [Risky Business]

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