'Iron Man 2' Viral Marketing Mocks the Unemployed

August 3, 2009


Sitting around your house shirtless, watching the half-hour afternoon edition of Howie Mandel's Pick-a-Box while alternately refreshing Craigslist's job section and the lastname.firstname email account you created to seem more professional to potential employers? You're in luck! The Stark Industries Stark Industries website now has a job application you can fill out (Tony Stark apparently hates formal resumes). Seeing that Stark Industries is not a real company, you probably won't get hired, but there is a bright side: "Information you provide through this website may be used for marketing purposes"! So maybe they'll send you an exclusive Iron Man 2 postcard or something that you could sell for a few dollars on eBay, giving you just enough for one more precious box of White Rose macaroni and cheese to get you through the week.

(Thanks, Brad of Comictube.)

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