James McAvoy To Pretend He Has Cancer

August 18, 2009


Cancer: horribly frightening or hilarious? I'm leaning towards horribly frightening, but James McAvoy has plans to show me otherwise. The actor has just signed on to star in the Seth Rogen-produced comedic adaptation of Will Reiser novel, I'm With Cancer. From Variety:

Nicole Holofcener will direct, and the pic will co-star Seth Rogen, who is also producing.

In the first major project McAvoy has agreed to star in since the Universal comicbook actioner "Wanted" and its upcoming sequel, thesp will play a 25-year-old who learns he has cancer and successfully battles the disease over several years.

Character is based on the real experiences of screenwriter Will Reiser, who won his own fight with cancer in his mid-20s.

Sounds like it could be a funny and uplifting movie, and I will definitely never see it because it will make me deathly afraid of getting cancer before I'm 30. Similarly, I refuse to watch any film where someone's testicles get inadvertently twisted around each other while they're sleeping. Some scenarios are just too real to deal with.

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