Judy Greer Getting Marmaduked

August 21, 2009


Think how much funnier the above image would be if the dog were really huge! Can you imagine how riotous that would be, with an abnormally large breed of dog? Well, soon you won't have to imagine; that will soon be a partially-computer-generated reality you can choose to experience! Judy Greer, who you may remember repeatedly flashing her breasts in Arrested Development, has signed on to co-star as the nondescript owner-lady in Fox's live-action/CGI adaptation of Marmaduke.

With David Cross taking a part in Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Will Arnett recently appearing in G-Force, it seems like maybe wacky CGI animal movies are an inevitable course for AD alumni. Only a matter of time before we'll probably find Jeffrey Tambor in Heathcliff and Tony Hale in Hong Kong Phooey. Bluth matriarch Jessica Walter really dodged a bullet by somehow not being cast as "old rich lady who owns a chihuahua" in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

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