'Lego: The Movie' Coming, Followed by 'Lego: The Movie' Legos, Followed by 'Lego Lego: The Movie' the Video Game

August 12, 2009


Though former Lego maniac Zack's participation is still unclear, Variety is reporting Warner Bros. has plans to movie ahead with a movie based on your favorite Danish, inter-lockable, plastic bricks:

Scribes Dan and Kevin Hageman are penning the script for the family comedy that will mix live action and animation. Warners is keeping the plot tightly under wraps, but it's described as an action adventure set in a Lego world.

[Lego] sparked to Lin and the Hageman brothers' embrace of core values Lego wanted to include in a film, especially "a fun factor, creativity and that imagination has no boundaries," [producer Dan] Lin told Daily Variety. The film's been in development for more than a year, with the scribes and producers making several trips to Denmark to work with Lego's execs on the concept.

I can appreciate they're trying to focus on the "fun factor, creativity, and imagination" that give Lego such enduring popularity, but they're forgetting one crucial element: frustration. The only way to write a truly faithful Lego movie script is to write all the possible plot elements on the sides of Legos, toss them into giant tub, and make the writers put it together. Let's see how they work it out when the piece they wanted for the ending is on one of those little translucent bits that they'll never find because it was lost in the carpet hours earlier.

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