Man Hired to Build Up Our 'Spider-Man' Cache

August 17, 2009


Our precious Spider-Man script reserves are growing! Though production has yet to begin on Spider-Man 4, Zodiac writer James Vanderbilt has been hired to write fifth and sixth chapters of the superhero franchise:

As Sony Pictures Entertainment preps a fourth installment of "Spider-Man" to begin production early next year, the studio has quietly engaged screenwriter James Vanderbilt to pen "Spider-Man 5" and "Spider-Man 6."

Vanderbilt was the first writer on "Spider-Man 4." Director Sam Raimi brought on "Rabbit Hole" playwright David Lindsay-Abaire to rewrite him, and Gary Ross is now rewriting that script. The studio is enthusiastic about where it stands as the picture begins prepping for an early 2010 production start for a May 2011 release.

Raimi didn't embrace all of Vanderbilt's ideas, but execs at Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios have. Vanderbilt has been hired to pen the fifth and sixth movies, which have an interconnected storyline.

Good luck topping the X-treme-itude of Spider-Man 3's X-treme snowboard-style Harry Osborn, Vanderbilt. Your best bet is probably going to be inventing a new villain that's a talking, sunglasses-wearing shark on a skateboard.

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