'Motherhood' Posters Continue to Confuse and Enrage Me

August 3, 2009


Yikes, being a mother is tough! No vacaciones por mama! And there are so many dirty dishes that they have to be stacked on the floor next to laundry, and a muffin! What a world!

Two parts that are confusing/enraging me most:

1. Just like in the previous poster, Uma Thurman is for some reason utilizing the baby-care device even though no baby is in sight. Is she somehow both mother and child? Has she, in her frustration, crushed the child? I don't understand.

2. That this still hasn't been revealed to be part of a self-referential 30 Rock episode where Liz encounters Tina Fey, played by Uma Thurman, who is currently shooting a more ridiculous equivalent to Baby Mama. Because if it's not that, that means it's a real movie, which it can't be. Nothing can be such an archetype for awful, being-a-working-mom-is-crazy! comedy without a tongue in cheek in sight.

If there was a third thing, it would probably be the balloons arbitrarily going off at an angle. Or the muffin.

'Motherhood' Poster ver. 2 [IMPA]

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