'Orphanage' Getting Remake, Adding English

August 5, 2009


The Orphanage, one of the few notable horror films in recent memory that wasn't a sequel or remake, is being remade! Producer Guillermo del Toro has hired Larry Fessenden to write and direct the film and give the dated, 2007 concept new relevancy by replacing all that pesky Spanish dialogue with good ol' English.

Word of remake is typically a sighing occasion, but this could turn out alright. Like Orphanage director Juan Antonio Bayo, Fessenden was hand-picked by del Toro, and he's no stranger to genre films, having directed, wrote, produced, edited, and acted in a huge list of horror films you've probably never seen (unless you rent anything with the word "wendigo" on the cover, in which case you've seen two of his films).

The film industry's plan to make everyone scared as shit of orphans and their habitats is nearly complete.

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