Quentin Tarantino's Favorite Movies Since He's Been Making Movies

August 18, 2009

Surprising things about this list:

1. Despite the self-imposed 1992-2009 restriction, you'd think he'd have somehow found a way to work in an obscure '70s kung fu film.

2. Referring to his contemporary as "M. Night Shamalamadingdong."

3. Half his selections. I can't imagine many "top film" lists contain both Dogville and Friday. That's an appetizer menu with caviar and a Bloomin' Onion.

Transcribed list, for easier Netflix queue adding, under the cut.

Battle Royale
Anything Else
The Blade
Boogie Nights
Dazed & Confused
Fight Club
The Host
The Insider
Joint Security Area
Lost In Translation
The Matrix
Memories of Murder
Police Story 3
Shaun of the Dead
Team America

(via Videosift)

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