Stooge Update: Giamatti is Larry, But We Need a New Curly

August 10, 2009


This is becoming some sort of old comedy film in which everything keeps going wrong! The Boston Globe (via /Film) is reporting Paul Giamatti has filled in the half-bald fro-shaped hole left by Sean Penn's departure from The Three Stooges. Also, Jim Carrey has decided not to gain 50 pounds and shave his head, and is no longer playing Curly:

Peter Farrelly told us that Paul Giamatti has signed on to replace Sean Penn as Larry. (Penn dropped out, citing "personal reasons.")

Still to be cast is Curly. There had been reports that Jim Carrey would utter Curly's signature "n'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk,'' but it's not so. If Farrelly has someone in mind, he didn't tell us who.

Good thing I already made a list of guys who would be a great Curly, Farrelly Brothers. No need to thank me. Seeing Bedridden Curly (my favorite Curly casting option) get some work will be reward enough.

(Thanks, Thundergirl.)

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