'When in Rome' Trailer: 'Sex and the City' with Fewer Ladies, More Supernatural

August 19, 2009


What happens when you mix the torturous I'm-a-Manhattan-lady-looking-for-love voice-over of Sex and the City; advertisements for the music of Jason Mraz, The Academy Is, and a group that chose to name themselves 3OH!3; the unfortunate, image-tarnishing presence of Will Arnett; chromakey that somehow looks far, far worse than your local weatherman standing in front of the StormTracker screen; and magic? Let me show you:

I'm putting money on some other guy who's also infatuated with her turning up in the end, meaning Transformers guy is not under the influence of magic and truly loves her. Then again, the director of Daredevil and Simon Birch could have anything up his sleeve. He's already cast against type by making Napoleon Dynamite the magician instead of Gob, so this guy is clearly trying to blow some minds.

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